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If a bar fight broke out among different brands, chances are one of ours threw the first punch.

Let's Tussle

We are a design group that specializes in crafting Unrivaled creative for unmistakable brands.

No matter the unique needs your company has for branding and advertising — there is no substitute for ingenuity, experimentation and dedication to perfection. And at Whiskey Design, we have all that by the barrel loads. When you're ready to take a shot at greatness, we'll be ready for you.


Things We Love to Brand

  • You only have a few seconds to capture the consumer’s attention as they scan the shelf. We make the absolute most of that very small window of time.

  • Storytelling is important with every project. But when designing any alcohol product — the look has to convey layers of meaning with every pour and sip.

  • Our office dogs, Nova and Fynn, will agree that when we design for the pet industry, we don’t bark up the wrong tree.

  • Whether branding, menus, websites, social strategies or interior flourishes — it all has to look oh, so tasty and keep them coming back for more.

  • It’s all about the experience. From the first announcement, to the on-site design to the last piece of merch sold, it all has to feel immersive.

  • The worst thing a lifestyle brand can do is simply copy their competitors. Let us help you inspire, guide and activate your consumers in a whole new way.

  • Many view manufacturing as an industry that can’t be creative. We think that if you help engineer and build the world — your brand better be one of a kind.

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Case Study
Boulevardia Crown Center

A grand experience for your senses. 

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Case Study
The Parade of Hearts

Throughout 2021 and 2022 we designed the brand and social for The Parade of Hearts. The mission for the Parade of Hearts was to unite the Kansas City region through an incredible public art experience. A Heartland Celebration.

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Case Study
Boulevardia: West Bottoms

Boulevard Brewing Co. is the largest craft brewer in the Midwest. Their Kansas City based brewery produces over 200,000 barrels of award-winning beer per year. They had an idea to create a one-of-a-kind street festival filled with their favorite things. The event was named Boulevardia. A country within a city. A non-flyover state. A land rich in beer, food, music and beer.  With over 45,000 people showing up all weekend and around 25,000 on Saturday alone, this event continues to…

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Case Study
Open Spaces

Kansas City leaders wondered what would happen if, instead of focusing on the boundaries that divide us, we united for one inspirational experience. So for nine weeks, 200 artists from around the world were welcomed with open arms to transform the spaces of this Midwest metropolis into a living cultural tapestry.

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Case Study
Fling Craft Cocktails

Why settle for ordinary? With these one-of-a-kind-flavored cocktails, we created equally unique cans with every inch covered in eccentric personality.

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Case Study
Believeland Beer Fest

Cleveland is a city with a belt of rust and a huge heart of gold. It’s also the land of competitive heartbreak, so there’s a need to escape from the ordinary. A little whimsy combined with a little tipsy goes a long way to making a person feel like a champ. Welcome to the Believeland Beer Fest — a magical place where the finest ales flow freely, surprises are bountiful and anything is possible if you just believe.

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At Whiskey, we’re fueled by great work. We live it. We breathe it. We obsess over it. And yes, we’ve been known to get pretty rowdy, but that’s a good thing. It results in bold, brash and unconventional creative that get brands noticed.

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