Vine Street Brewing is Missouri’s first-ever black-owned brewery and stands at the forefront of a new era in craft beer. The brewery is nestled in the heart of Kansas City’s historic 18th & Vine Jazz District —at the intersection of creativity, community, and colorful expression. Maris, Vines on Vine, and Jazzman all represent the unique vibrancy of Vine St.

A tribute to everything that is 18th & Vine

Our Queen of Hip Hops

Maris was created to help give an identifiable icon to what Vine Street Brewing is all about — beer and music. The shape of her face is that of a tulip glass, the proper drinkware for a pale ale, while her hair is that of a record. Maris has become so popular around the brewery, that she can be seen on the front windows, on merch, and was even turned into a large mural on the first floor of the brewery.