The Intrepid Wendell crafts one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpieces to help their customers connect with those who matter most. The materials sourced from around the globe are their building blocks, which are shaped and molded into anything imaginable, giving their work an unforgettable shimmer.

This client’s name was derived from a plush mouse that the owner’s partner gifted him. It was meant to keep him company when he would travel out of the country for work. In the spirit of this adventurous and intrepid “Wendell,” we created a modular mark that gives new life to their existing mascot. The logo is comprised of four simple shapes that come together to form their iconic mouse. These shapes are also used to create four brand icons that represent their creative process. The wordmark nicely complements the brand icon by bringing a level of timelessness and sophistication. We also included a hidden glint between the “N” and “D” in “Wendell” to allude to their product and quality craftsmanship.