Believeland Beer Fest

Cleveland is a city with a belt of rust and a huge heart of gold. It's also the land of competitive heartbreak, so there’s a need to escape from the ordinary. A little whimsy combined with a little tipsy goes a long way to making a person feel like a champ. Welcome to the Believeland Beer Fest — a magical place where the finest ales flow freely, surprises are bountiful and anything is possible if you just believe. For one day only, Believeland Beer Fest was home to thousands of thirsty Clevelanders. These revelers were rewarded with Grand Marshal Ernest Byner of the Cleveland Browns, a custom beer that was available for only 10 hours, contests for such things as the best pretzel necklace, free WILD THING haircuts inspired by the motion picture "Major League" and a one-of-a-kind fight song created as a gift for Cleveland itself.