Orange Flavor Launch

Beer Salt is flavored salt used to dress the rim of longnecks or beer mugs. Simply moisten the lip of a beer or mug. Shake the salt onto the rim and enjoy. And in 2014, a few flavor hit the market. Now people can take beer to new heights with freshly squeezed Orange Beer Salt. Adding citrus fruit and salt to a tasty adult beverage is a long-held Latino tradition. At Twang, they've spent years making that refreshing practice easier for domestic- and Mexican-import drinkers with our Lime, Lemon-Lime and Hot Lime flavored Beer Salts. Now, there's a new flavor aimed at a whole different kind of brew. This fresh flavor is ripe for the licking and its light, orange zest is the perfect addition to any full-bodied American lager or rich Belgian ale. So grab a Shocktop Wheat or Blue Moon and meet beer's new main squeeze.