Camp Leavenworth Festival

The friendly town of Leavenworth is the first City in Kansas. It’s historic locale is smack dab in the middle of America and is known far and wide for its natural wonders and Midwestern hospitality. Especially this year, when Leavenworth welcomed visitors from near and far to discover their city in a whole new way. Welcome to Camp Leavenworth. This festival featured the best parts of summer camp but without all those pesky counselors ruining all the fun. By creating unique experiences around their historic town—people saw how much fun it is to break out from the ordinary. Zip lines, axe throwing, tree-climbing, silent discos, custom tents, trail mix stations and about a gazillion other camp activities left smiles on faces of visitors young and old. Leave it to Kansas to throw a shindig as adventurous as this. So raise a flag to the great outdoors and enjoy a carefree escape for a moment from the real world. Afterall, don’t we all deserve it?