Alterra Bank Branding

Put a mental picture of what a typical bank looks and sounds like in your mind. It probably has either blue or green as the main color and uses a lot of white space with smaller type. And we would also guess, you probably see a photograph of a dad playing ball with his son or a group of people, wearing suits and smiling into the camera. We know that is what saw when we started researching for Alterra Bank's rebrand. They are a small-business focused bank that was founded by entrepreneurs. So, they know what it's like to take chances and what we proposed was embrace the opposite of the norm. Instead of a standard color palette, we watch color trends and moods and launch a new color theme each year. Then, we let that color fill the page. We have a rule that we will not feature people in the creative. Instead, we highlight the copy and trust people will want to read what Alterra has to say.