Whiskey selected to brand citywide art experience

Kansas City is the beating heart that celebrates all artistic expression. We’re the cradle of modern jazz, have deep roots with literary giants, are the home to world-class art collections and our innovative spirit is a thing of beauty. With OPEN SPACES, not only will we bring all parts of the city together to enjoy a modern, one-of-a-kind experience, we are also putting the world on notice that there’s a new home for sensory excellence.

OPEN SPACES will feature art installations across Kansas City. They will be framed by the city’s famed parks, boulevards, urban spaces and existing cultural venues. Art experiences will include visual art and performances created by local, national and international artists.

Whiskey Design has been selected to brand this 60-day event. They will handle the creative needs that include the identity, marketing, web design, app creative, event design, nontraditional elements and everything in between. The initial branding is inspired by the desire to change the perspective of the flat plains of the Midwest. The custom typeface reflects this by having different angles and trajectories in the letterforms. Each letter looks simple when viewed straight on, but each is unexpected and interesting when the perspective is altered.

“I firmly believe that OPEN SPACES can bring together the people of Kansas City and the surrounding region in a way that can put our city on the map as an arts and culture center,” said Kansas City Mayor Sly James. “The arts have the power to capture our past, challenge the present and inspire our future. I am encouraged by the outstanding artistic talent our city has to offer and the possibilities this event could bring for our future.”

Years of discussion and planning among community art leaders, artists, civic leaders, private donors and foundations, along with the visionary dedication of Scott Francis and Mayor James, are credited for bringing OPEN SPACES to life. Fundraising efforts are well underway led by Francis, toward an overall goal of $3.5 million.

So next fall, prepare to enjoy more than 80 renowned visual and performing artists together for a magical 60 days.

View the teaser video here: