Party to the Nines

Well done, AIGA Kansas City for another great A9 show on Saturday. The work on display just gets more and more killer. It's been a pleasure watching the organization, and the show, grow bigger with every passing year.

Whiskey was lucky enough to pull in three wins, including a Juror’s choice, and the “asskicker intern” won 3 for her work she did at The University of Kansas. And to our surprise, the Juror's Choice award was made from reclaimed Maple. It looks fantasic on the shelf in the studio that is made from reclaimed beams salvaged from Makers Mark. Needless to say, we're pretty pumped.

Now, we know we can't pat ourselves on the back too much. We are smart enough to understand we are only as good as our clients. Without Austin Walsh Studio, Fresh Air Farm and Project BlackBIrd trusting us to go nuts with their companies, we could just as easily be designing instructional manuals for sporks. So, cheers to you guys and gals. You made for another amazing year and we're excited to see what's next. If only we could find some Advil.