K.C. Business Journal features Steaks With HOS

The Kansas City Business Journal’s Anatomy of an Ad Campaign series highlighted the work we did for The Kansas City Steak Co., Kansas City Royals and All-Star First Baseman Eric Hosmer. It's a fun read if you looking for some behind-the-scenes details of how a simple idea like Eric Hosmer grilling like his hair was on fire really took on a life of its own.

A link to the full article is below but here is little snippet:

Whiskey Design, which created the campaign’s messaging and design, didn’t want to overpower the look with team colors. It needed to strike a balance between a modern feel and classic baseball.

“We didn’t treat this like we were creating a limited-time promotion. We treated this like we were branding Eric Hosmer,” Wegerer said.

“We tried to make it feel crafted, authentic and slightly fun. Just something that felt inviting — this is a promotion where he’s coming to your house. We wanted to make sure (that we communicated) that this is something he really wanted to do. This isn’t something where he’s going to show up for five minutes and take off.”