BLOG: Kick Ballin'

Back in April, Whiskey and the girls at Kazoo Media got together and asked Kazoo’s owner, Cindy Augustine, and I if we could start a kickball team. We said yes, but with one provision: If we’re gonna do this, we better be having more fun than any other team in the league.


And I don’t mean the sort of fun that you sorta feel on the inside and sometimes express on the outside. I mean good times that border on chaos. Mountains upon mountains of infectious, inspiring energy dedicated to nothing but the art of making the people around us smile. We didn’t want to settle for being teammates or opponents — we wanted to be entertainment.


Was all that a pretty lofty goal? Yes, undeniably. But if there was a chance we were gonna suck on the field, there was no chance we would be the ones sucking down the most fun, too — or tequila, or Jack, or PBR or … well, you get the idea.

Now, when a season goes like ours did, most people would take an opportunity right about now to go into all the amazing plays everyone made and how we actually went undefeated in the regular season and swept right through the playoffs. But the Picklebacks story isn’t a story about winning. Our story is about a team that was worried about everything but winning. Because, frankly, we were too busy making homemade shotskis, selecting walk-up music, shotgunning pre-game beers with opponents, concocting chants, shotgunning post-game beers with opponents, planning postseason parties and figuring out who was wearing the pickle mascot suit to worry about something as silly as winning a kickball game.


I realize now that all of this sounds like a lot of work. But keep in mind that nobody was asked to do any of this. Everyone kicked in (PUN!) something because they wanted to. In an industry that can breed some pretty unhealthy egos, no one on the Picklebacks bitched about playing time, position or blown catches. It was just two small companies coming together and doing something I haven’t really done since 5th grade. And I have to say — it was refreshing to just go behind a library and have fun kicking a big rubber ball around for a couple of hours every week.